Why Amexcare?

Our proposition is straightforward. We leverage our experience with foreign insurers to ensure that medical providers are paid for service provided to their patients with foreign insurance policies.

Partner With Us. We represent medical providers, not insurers.

Our business model ensures the efficient flow of communication, information, documentation and of course, funds.

Trusted Partner

Trusted Partner

Amexcare is an international medical billing and collections company. Our company is constituted in the USA, but we have a local presence.

Broad network

Broad Network

Given our extensive experience in the medical insurance sector, we work with 100+ international, travel and expat insurance policies across the globe.

Professional Team

Professional Team

We have an experience team of local and expatriate professionals who work in collaboration with your team.

Direct Channel for Claims

Direct Channel for Claims

Instead of forming agreements with numerous insurers, take advantage of our network and let Amexcare assume the role as the point of contact with insurers.

Avoid Complications

Avoid Complications

Local insurance claims cannot be treated the same as foreign insurance claims. Language barriers, cultural norms and processes/procedures vary from country to country.

Understand Foreign Insurance

Understand Foreign Insurance

Our team are international insurance experts. We ensure that medical providers understand what their patients are covered for and what they are not covered for, in simple terms.

Worried about working with foreign insurers?


Accepting patients with foreign insurance policies is a high-risk financial decision, and preparing the foreign claims can be a difficult, time consuming and costly. Key complications that providers encounter when working with foreign health and travel insurers include:

  • Non-payments, partial payments & late payments
  • Language barriers
  • Time zone complications
  • Excessive requests
  • Lack of sufficiently qualified and experienced staff to manage claims

Don't risk it

An experienced international billing and claims partner will reduce financial risk while improving your operational capacity and cash flow.

Complete Claim Management

Take the pain out of foreign insurance claims. Amexcare will take charge of all aspects relating to foreign insurance claims on your behalf, including:

  • Compiling information and documentation related to the event
  • Verifying the policy coverage, benefits and limitations
  • Obtainment of the Guarantee of Payment or Authorization
  • Preparation of claim according to the requirements
  • Presentation of claim
  • Follow up with insurance
  • Payment of claim

Get back to your routes and what you are best at – treating patients.

We will become the direct point of contact with the insurance company, saving you time and human resources.

claim mangement

Coverage Analysis

As part of our foreign claim management services, we provide medical providers with essential information so that they can make informed decisions about the health treatment of their international patients. We will inform the provider about payments that need to be made by the patients. Below, an example of some information that we will identify during our coverage analysis:

  • Validity - Is the policy valid in the country where the treatment takes place?
  • Benefits – What treatment is the patient entitled to?
  • Limitations - What are the limitations of the policy?
  • Deductible – What is the policy deductible? How much of this has been met?
  • Co-payment – Are there any co-payments required?
  • Co-insurance – What % is the patient required to pay of the bill amount?
  • Emergency vs Non-Emergency – Does the policy allow for elective surgeries?
  • Pharmacy Benefits – Is the patient entitled to any pharmacy benefits?
  • OOP – What is the Out of Pocket Maximum for the patient?
  • Medical history – Does the policy cover preexisting medical conditions

Without a comprehensive understand of the coverage specifics, medical providers put themselves at risk of non or partial payments from insurers.

The Amexcare coverage analysis results in decreased financial risk and an improved bottom line.

Foreign Patient Support

Using foreign insurance policies abroad can be nightmare – complicated procedures, time consuming and costly. Patients often have negative experiences which result from a lack of understanding of their insurance policy and because local Medical Providers have limited experience in managing patients with international insurance policies.

Local Assistance

Regardless of your overseas status, we can assist you to receive medical services under your insurance plan, ensuring you receive the maximum health benefits allowed, while reducing the administrative burden of preparing and presenting insurance claims.

Who do we Work With?

We work with many types of individuals, including:

  • Retirees - Foreign nationals who reside permanently abroad.
  • Snowbirds – foreign nationals who spend part of their time living abroad
  • Expatriates - temporary or permanent workers
  • Travelers – spending time abroad for leisure

We even work with national citizens who have foreign insurance policies (i.e. A Mexican national, who lives in Mexico part of their year, but possess a US health insurance policy).

Our Partners - Medical Providers

We work with a broad and professional network of Medical Providers to directly bill international health and travel insures on behalf of their patients; hence you enjoy Cashless Medical Services!

We work with international offices, billing and admissions to support them with all matters related to foreign patients and international insurance claims.

Verification of Coverage

Amexcare provides Free Verification of Benefits (‘VOB’) to individuals who possess foreign insurance policies, allowing them to understand their policy coverage, benefits, limitations, conditions, deductible, co-payments, co-insurance, pre-existing conditions, out-of-pocket maximums etc.

Join the Amexcare Network and enjoy peace of mind by knowing your coverage and liabilities during emergencies and hospitalization abroad.

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Advantages of Joining Amexcare Network

Patient Database

We have detailed and secured data base of foreign nationals so that we can track their medical history during their time abroad.

Extensive Network
Provider Network:

We have broad network of medical institutions who are well equipped to handle foreign patients, and we work with them so that they can accept patients with foreign insurance policies.

Insurance Network:

Given our extensive experience in the insurance sector, we work with most international health, travel and expat insurance providers from countries around the globe, including USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand etc. Some examples of insurers who we regularly work with include Tricare, United Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Allianz, VA, etc.

Insurance Experts

Requiring medical attention overseas can be stressful, with cultural and language differences contributing to negative experiences that some foreigners have. On top of that, complications often arise when foreign nationals try to use their corresponding international insurance policies.

Amexcare provides foreign nationals with detailed information regarding their policy, in simply terms and in real time for questions relating to deductibles, co-payments, co-insurance, limits, emergency vs elective surgery etc. so that they can get grasp of exactly what medical attention they are eligible for based on their existing policy.

Local Coordination

Our strategic partnerships with medical providers allow us to play a valuable coordination role between the patient, the medical provider and the corresponding insurance company. This in turn results in the facilitation of all administrative and medical processes – a ‘win-win’ for all parties involved.

Claim Management

Given we have an established network, Amexcare will become to point of contact with the insurance company for international patients with international insurance policies, ensuring the effective flow of information. In collaboration with the respective medical provider, we will take control of the claim preparation, submission on behalf of the medical provider, meaning no administrative work for you – the patient.

Maximum Health Benefits

By joining the Amexcare network, you are guaranteed to receive the maximum health benefits allowed under your insurance policy.

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